November Rains

Grower’s Secret Grow Big 521, even over fertilized, could do no wrong with tomatoes

However, over fertilization with Beastie Bloomz burned an MJ plant into oblivion

“Popcorn” flowers showing swelling trichomes easily visible to the naked eye

Healthiest plant of the bunch, Grower’s Secret Grow Big 521 with fish bone top soil

Next season benefits from learned lessons:

High quality, healthy strains: I made the mistake of going with what the nursery had available on the pick up date. I want to personally hand-select each plant to ensure it’s vibrant and healthy, even if that means setting an appointment weeks in advance. The examples I had were picked up by a friend who had access to a motor vehicle to ensure safe transport. However, the plants already exhibited mold and the grow seemed shaky from the start.

20 Gallon Smart Pots: soft-sided aeration improving drainage and preventing overheating on hot days. The plastic pots dried out the soil medium fast, and were hot to the touch on summer days that exceeded 80 degrees.

FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil: fish, crab, shrimp, oyster shell, earthworm castings, bat guano. Reported as one of the best potting soils. Old school growers and organic types prefer to not add any fertilizer to the soil medium, starting from the beginning with a ph balanced 6.3-6.8 and pre-fertilized soil base is beneficial, even at the additional start-up cost.

Fertilizing Schedule: Easy on the serving size, less is more. And if over fertilizing traits are exhibited, begin immediate flushing with water running through the soil, let dry, and repeat.

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September Stretch

Benny Bronze checking in mid-September. There is a bit of plant burn going on with one of the subject plants. It’s devastating to witness at this prime stage of flowering.

521 Only

521 is offering a balanced growth. Some of the leaf tips are burning but it’s not detrimental like the other examples coming up.

521 + Fish Bone

The fish bone seems to thwart the effects of fertilizing and plant burn. It’s popular with birds, cats, and dogs so be careful using fish bone in your soil medium as it may attract the wrong types to the party. The effects are clear that fish bone does help!

521 + Big Bloom

Big Bloom combination resulted in extreme plant burn. It took only a couple days for the effects to be realized! There is new growth from the burned leaves but overall, this is not looking good.


521 + Beastie Bloomz

Like Big Bloom, Beastie Bloomz, also burned the plants – no, fried the plants. The stalk all the way up is browned out. However, one of the two examples on this fertilizer is doing OK minus the burned leaf tips and still producing flower growth.

Next steps: I’m going to hold off on all fertilizers and run sitting tap water as needed. This season may run later as the weather has been cooperative. One of the benefits of growing in smaller pots is that you can move them as required (e.g. if rain comes).


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Sex Pistols

Flowering stage with white pistils forming:

The female calyxes forming the pollen-catching pistils, a beautiful vision, especially in the coming weeks when these begin swelling! Interesting to see the trichomes on the leaves turning amber?!

I noticed a bit of toxicity with the leaves and fertilizer burn (curling edges) on the edge of the leaves tips. pH was measured at a neutral 7.0, which is the same pH has distilled water. Marijuana and other leafy, fast growing plants prefer a lower pH range between 5.5-5.9. So for this morning’s feedings, I added 2 tablespoons of fresh squeezed lime (2.2) to each feeding group’s tea mix to lower the pH.

The tea mix for each group is created by adding a shot glass of the fertilizer(s) to a 64 oz. bottle mixed with tap water that has been sitting for at least 24 hours.

Feeding groups roundup: 1) 521 only 2) 521, Fish Bone top soil 3) 521, Big Bloom 4) 521, Beastie Bloomz.

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August Weekends!

Early Girl tomato plants are taking the Grower’s Secret Grow Big 5-2-1 like there’s no tomorrow. Multiple budding sites forming. Green, yellow, red colors!  They’ve been getting heavy watering as the temperatures have been in the 80s with the intense outdoor sun. Textbook feeding schedule directly off the 521 bottle, the tomatoes love it!

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Budding Sight

We have budding! July was a beautifully long month, with five Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays! It has been mellow, with temperatures in the 90s only a few days, more updates as the plants enter their flowering stage in August.

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Gang of Three

Grow season 2011 is in progress! Summer finally arrived after a long winter in which winter refused to give up! We had snow falling in Tahoe for our first week in June. The San Francisco Bay Area is now hovering in the 80s: say hello to summer!

Benny Bronze is looking forward to this summer as we have an exciting experiment featuring three top fertilizers:

1) Fox Farm Big Bloom .02-.3-.7 This odorless, liquid fertilizer is a live culture of vitamins, amino acids, natural growth hormones, enzymes, and beneficial organic microbes. A micro-brewed formula incorporates earthworm castings, bat guano and organic ingredients that offer a range of nutrients. Norwegian kelp improves nutrient uptake and increases yields. Rock phosphate helps transfer energy from one part of the plant to another, which means bigger buds and more fragrant flowers.

2) Beastie Bloomz 0-50-30 A high-phosphorus soluble fertilizer building amazing buds and flowers. A micronutrient pack designed to create unbelievable internal bud density, which means that plants create fat, dense, tightly-packed blossoms, and plenty of them. You’ll also see exceptionally brilliant color and a long, dazzling blooming season.

3) Grower’s Secret Grow Big 5-2-1 A concentrate with Grower’s Secret Pro inside, with lavender-scented, all-purpose fertilizer, that is ready to use on your organic garden. The formula is refined enough to flow easily through a hose-end sprayer or irrigation system. Although it’s the newest to the market, Benny Bronze has full confidence in this top fertilizer as we proved results above and beyond the hype of Grower’s Secret Pro in last season’s grow! More…

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New Growers Secret Website!

The Grower’s Secret website launched with useful usage rates and feeding schedules on their two flagship products: Grow Big 521 and Grower’s Secret Pro.

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Outdoor Casey Jones Experiment Results

Experiment: which fertilizer methods produces the most abundant flowering buds and increased medicinal qualities of the plants?

Casey Jones, outdoor soil, eight weeks using three fertilizers, a total of six matched equal age and size female plants, two subject plants per fertilizer. In the order from least to most abundance of flowers:

  • Pure Liquid Sunshine 64g
  • Control Group 70g
  • Grower’s Secret 83g

3rd place: Pure Liquid Sunshine 64g

2nd place: Control Group (Tiger Bloom) 70g

1st place: Grower’s Secret (supplement to Tiger Bloom) 83g

While the weights are a sure determination of success, the medicinal qualities and intensity are harder to judge scientifically with my resources as an organic gardener. From my visual and touch senses, Casey Jones fertilized with Grower’s Secret produces flower sizes that are larger, stickier, and denser than the other two. Even in flowering, the Grower’s Secret plants grow wider, taller and produce more budding sites. – Benny Bronze

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Pushin’ da Bay!

Happy November Rains! October was one of the best Fall seasons for outdoor growing. With orange and black colors everywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, the SF Giants took home the World Series title and the Bay survived another October, earthquake free.

The rains came at the end of harvest, for some a touch early and for others marking the end of a remarkable growing season. The flowers are in the curing process, using large Italian glass mason jars. It’s important to use glass versus plastic if you want to keep the notes of the flowers in its purest form. Store the glass jars in a cool, dry, dark environment.

It is recommended to cure for a minimum of two weeks, to an ideal two months (ready in the New Year 2011), to a maximum of one year (with proper curing/storing methods, there isn’t a fresh use expiration date, but the CBD’s and THC break down continuously leading to increase of CBN’s).

Some shots of the curing flowers:

Coming up next are the final tallies of the experiment with the flowers of Casey Jones.

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Casey Jones Organic Outdoor Harvest

A video showing the development of Casey Jones 60+ days into flowering. Shows the difference of crop size between three fertilizers: Tiger Bloom, Pure Liquid Sunshine and Grower’s Secret. You can view the experiment details here.

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