Outdoor Casey Jones Experiment Results

Experiment: which fertilizer methods produces the most abundant flowering buds and increased medicinal qualities of the plants?

Casey Jones, outdoor soil, eight weeks using three fertilizers, a total of six matched equal age and size female plants, two subject plants per fertilizer. In the order from least to most abundance of flowers:

  • Pure Liquid Sunshine 64g
  • Control Group 70g
  • Grower’s Secret 83g

3rd place: Pure Liquid Sunshine 64g

2nd place: Control Group (Tiger Bloom) 70g

1st place: Grower’s Secret (supplement to Tiger Bloom) 83g

While the weights are a sure determination of success, the medicinal qualities and intensity are harder to judge scientifically with my resources as an organic gardener. From my visual and touch senses, Casey Jones fertilized with Grower’s Secret produces flower sizes that are larger, stickier, and denser than the other two. Even in flowering, the Grower’s Secret plants grow wider, taller and produce more budding sites. – Benny Bronze

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